Idiot proof Hummus


I’m clearly an idiot. I’m addicted to hummus [and falafels as well] but everytime I’ve tried my hand at this oh-so-simple recipe, I’ve failed, miserably. Once I made some and it tasted like chickpeas. Not hummus, just boiled, mashed up chickpeas. It’s great for you if you are addicted to chickpeas, but I’m not. I’m addicted to hummus. People who are close to me know that if hummus is on the menu at a restaurant, it HAS to be ordered. Heck, I’ve even had people send me hummus all the way from London. I’ve had someone very special [who is an exceptional cook in his own right] make a large tub of hummus for me. I emptied the tub in two days. This has happened twice. That’s how much I love it.

But hummus is clearly a man. No matter how many times I confess my love for it, it just doesn’t love me back. It is stubborn, like most men in my life and most of all, it looks easy going from the outside, but when it comes to getting down and serious, it just doesn’t want to work well with me.

IngrWhich brings me to my next topic. Tahina vs Tahini. I mean what’s up with that? As far as I know, Tahina is made from Tahini, so how does it matter which one you use. But apparently it’s a deal breaker. Also, Tahini is not that easily available where I live.

On some frustrated days, I just want to give hummus recipes my middle finger. Something so easy can’t be so difficult [this is why it reminds me so much of men].

I’ve made various attempts at perfecting hummus, but I’m no where near close to it. This is the recipe that makes me feel like an idiot. I’ve tried variations, but damn, hummus, you always let me down.


110gm/ 4 oz of chickpeas, soaked overnight
1 lemon
2 cloves of garlic
1 tbsp of Tahini
Salt to taste
Olive oil


– Boil the chickpeas, once boiled, strain and store the boiled water. Allow water and chickpeas to cool
– In a mixer add chickpeas, salt, juice from the lemon, tahini and garlic.
– Gradually add olive oil and water to the mixture and blend. Keep adding water till you get a creamy consistency.
– Spoon the hummus into a small serving bowl.
– I got better results when I stored the hummus [topped with olive oil] overnight in an air tight container.

Do you have a better idiot proof hummus recipe? If so, let me know what I’m missing in my recipe.


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